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Ad: BC Eggs Marketing Board (Good Morning Parksville, BC)

Many people get up early to help make British Columbia a great place to live. Watch how BC egg farmers show their gratitude. Learn more at Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: BC Eggs Marketing Board (Good Morning Delta, BC)

Many people get up early to help make British Columbia a great place to live. Watch how BC egg farmers show their gratitude. Learn more at Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: BC Eggs Marketing Board (Good Morning Vancouver, BC)

Many people get up early to help make British Columbia a great place to live. Watch how BC egg farmers show their gratitude. Learn more at Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Nike (Anderson 'Spider' Silva Screenbreaker)

For those of you with cracked smartphone screens, Nike and Anderson Silva have a solution. The Screenbreaker will make it look like your cracked screen was intentional.  You can find them all  here . Via - Ads of the World™

The World Is Flat: Milwaukee, Michigan USA - Tim Knoll Edition

Original Bike Tricks from Tim Knoll Filmed and edited by Tony Schneidewind Music by Phil Knoll: Via - Snotr

What Exactly Is One Second...

James May discusses what exactly a seconds is. He also delves into how time as we know it could have been totally different. This is because the second had many 'rivals' over the years that never got their way. Via - Snotr

Love Hurts: Valentines Day Survival Kit

'Love Hurts' is a first aid kit created by Melanie Chernock  as a school thesis project. The kit contains all of the essentials for going through a breakup such as dark chocolate, vodka, bubble bath soap, a candle with matches, candy hearts, a mix CD, and if all else fails, tissues. Unfortunately the kit is not yet available to purchase. Via - If It's Hip, It's Here

WRYST Watch 'Airborne FW3'

The Airborne FW3 is protected with a black 'Diamond-Like Carbon' coating. Used in F1 race cars engines and aerospace, this technology provides incredible attribute and only diamond can scratch the case. The "K1" crystal is also super tough; Ultra resistant material more scratch proof than mineral crystal, it is much stronger than sapphire... The FW collection provides the very first watches ever produced that fulfill groundbreaking stylish look, incredible strength attributes and reliability. All of these for a much more affordable price than most avant-garde designer watches available on the market to date .   SPECIFICATIONS Limited Edition of 75 pieces only with serial number engraved on case-back - Swiss Made Quartz Chronograph - Black Diamond-Like Carbon case, scratch resistant - Shatter-proof K1 mineral crystal with anti-reflective coating - Water resistant 100 Meters - 45 mm case, 22 mm buckle - 1 Green & 1 black high quality rubber straps Via - A BLOG TO W

The Thunderbird Running Shoe

Created by Jeremy Scott for Adidas , these 'Eagle Shoes' takes their styling cues from what I would describe as traditional aboriginal totem carvings and artwork. We here on Vancouver's East Side would refer to these as Thunderbird shoes. Whatever you call them they look pretty cool, so here are a few more pictures. Interested in buying a pair of these, then check out this link. This post goes out to all my friends at Thunderbird Community Centre!

Ad: Pepsi MAX (Jeff Gordon Test Drive)

Los Angeles-based editorial and post-production company Therapy Studios and Gifted Youth, the commercial production division of Funny or Die, team up with three-time Daytona 500 winning NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon to redefine the test-drive in an elaborate reality-style prank for an online video and :30 TV spot called "Test Drive." The commercial and video were created by TBWA/Chiat/Day/LA and produced by Gifted Youth for Pepsi MAX as part of their “Zero-Calorie In Disguise” campaign. Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Car Wash Park (Dust coupon)

Take this coupon to Car Wash Park and get a 50% discount. Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Pure Canadian Gaming (Business Card)

Rather cool idea for a business card, that is if you're in an industry that uses cards like magician, casino operator/employee. Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Renault Clio RS (Speed Dating)

This is speed dating in every sense of the word and these are real "speed daters" in search of their soul mate. Among them is Caroline -- a young, sexy and charming woman. She doesn't have the same concept of "speed dating" as others. That's why a big surprise awaits her contenders... even the most macho among them. These speed daters knew they would be filmed but had no clue why... Is it for a story? A television programme? In any case, it's an experience they won't soon forget. Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Solo Soft Drink (Message In A Bottle)

Say hello to the world's largest message in a bottle. 2011 Grand Prix winner in Eurobest, Solo from Norway, is out with a new spectacular campaign and continues the quest for world fame. The bottle is 8 meters long and is filled with a 12 square meter letter and a case of Solo (of course). Object: To let the wind and ocean currents decide who gets to taste the world's best soda. And the fans can guess where it will end up at? Where did it land?? Find out here . Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Nivea (Stresstest 2)

While I prefer the original (found here ), this one is still worth a mention. Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Post-it (Flipbook)

350 possibilities for catching thoughts! Via - Ads of the World™

Ad: Absolut Vodka (Bottle Light Poster)

The global ABSOLUT Blank campaign offers artists a blank canvas in the shape of an ABSOLUT bottle to express and show their creativity. Around Christmas and New Year, the vodka brand wanted to implement this campaign with a very special execution. The solution was in the timing. Perfect for the darkest time of year, a light installation was created from 197 4.5 Litre ABSOLUT bottles and installed on a mega poster. The colour and intensity of each light could be controlled via an interface, enabling countless light animations and images to be programmed. Replacing the conventional posters that hung there, this eye-catching light installation captivated and stunned over 250,000 passers-by a day on Berlin’s Alexanderplatz, brightening up the longest night of the year . ABSOLUT Bottlelight english from dirkandphilip on Vimeo . Via - Ads of the World™

F1 Training Machine By Technogym

I doubt you'll find this machine at your local gym! The training machine is designed to expose the drivers’ body to the high impact stress that their muscles need to endure during a regular F1 race. The machine also simulates G-force impact quite accurately which drivers cannot be prepared for via traditional training routines. The machine is also the ultimate training regime for F1 drivers that produce rapid acceleration and deceleration via a turn motion which trains the drivers’ bodies in 4 different directions. The driver’s helmet is hooked up to a bunch of cables in the front and rear and the whole mechanism is based on elastic forces to create a realistic simulation. The steering wheel in the machine is also loaded with 25 kg of weight as well as separate 2.5 kg weight stacks that help train the drivers’ arms.  Can you guess which team uses this machine for training? Via - GizmWatch

Limited Edition Dry Erase Tool Boxes From Craftsman

Made by Craftsman, the Dry Erase Tool Storage Combo measures 53.5 x 26.5 x 18 inches (h x w x d), which makes it an ideal height for use in any workshop or garage. It actually consists of two parts that can be separated: a mobile (it has casters) bottom chest drawer with four large storage spaces and a smaller chest drawer with another four storage slots. Each of the storage spaces are full extension ball-bearing drawers and can hold as much as 50 pounds each. It features heavy-duty bail side handles, a tubular side handle, gas cover struts, and a keyed internal locking system in case tool ninjas occasionally break in to steal your stuff. The two chests of the Craftsman Dry Erase Tool Storage are available individually: the bottom unit retails for $449.99, while the top chest goes for $349.99 . Via - CoolThings

A Coffee Machine For Petrol Heads

For all you petrol heads that need a java kick-start in the mornings, wouldn't this be the ultimate addition to your work bench?  Espresso Veloce brings the V10 and V12 coffee machines, modeled after the engines with similar configuration. From the aluminum, magnesium, and titanium which are regular materials in the motor racing world, these coffee machine bring in the soul of these vehicles right into one’s cip of coffee. Like most things nice and beautiful, these machines will be made in a limited edition of 500 units each, but the price doesn’t seem to be floating on the horizon. From composite metallic work right from the iconic Ferrari engines, the look tickles the fantasy of every Formula 1 racing fan, with the oil filter shaped coffee filter, and the dispensers which resemble the spark plugs of the engine. Like what you see, then check out the Espresso Veloce website for more information on the various styles and models.  Via - BornRich

Day Of The Dead Wallpaper

I just love the look of this wallpaper, with that said, here is some info... Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Wallpaper Black & Gold - $180.00 The elegant design of the Sugar Skull is representative of the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations, where this folkloric skull is a ‘Memento Mori’ and has become an iconic symbol of life and death. In this unique wallpaper, the intricately illustrated skull has been given a sophisticated twist by replicating it in gold on a rich matt dark charcoal, making it a luxurious addition to any interior. Technical Information: Roll size: 10m x 52cm (32.8 ft x 1.7 ft) Pattern repeat: 53 cm Made in the UK Batch number: 280513 Also available in emerald & gold Via - Street Anatomy Gallery Store