Friday, January 3, 2014

F1 Training Machine By Technogym

I doubt you'll find this machine at your local gym!
The training machine is designed to expose the drivers’ body to the high impact stress that their muscles need to endure during a regular F1 race. The machine also simulates G-force impact quite accurately which drivers cannot be prepared for via traditional training routines. The machine is also the ultimate training regime for F1 drivers that produce rapid acceleration and deceleration via a turn motion which trains the drivers’ bodies in 4 different directions.
The driver’s helmet is hooked up to a bunch of cables in the front and rear and the whole mechanism is based on elastic forces to create a realistic simulation. The steering wheel in the machine is also loaded with 25 kg of weight as well as separate 2.5 kg weight stacks that help train the drivers’ arms.
 Can you guess which team uses this machine for training?


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