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Showing posts from January, 2015

The World Is Flat: Subotica, Serbia

Another awe inspiring clip from around the flatland world. This time we're going back in time to Subotica, Sebia circa 2012, to check out Velibor Vuković.

Foosball Erasers

The Foosball Erasers now allows you and a coworker the same, well almost the same, level of excitement at your lame job, as those working for an exciting IT company, as seen in the movie "The Internship". You can get Foosball Erasers from SuckUK .  Each package comes with 2 foosball erasers (one red and one blue) and cost $12. Via - CoolThings

Some F1 Infrared

I'm going through the usual amount of F1 withdrawal at this time of year. Michael Schumachers birthday just past, and I've been watching a bunch of highlight clips from his career (Wishing him well on his recovery).  Came across this video in my archive that I haven't posted, so I figured for all the F1, Petrol heads out there, here is a little something to tide you over (I'm sure you've all seen this already).