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Showing posts from February, 2015

KISS - Spicy Chili Tomato Black Bun

"Spicy Chili Tomato Black Bun" will not be the title for the next KISS album or song.  Instead its the latest product being merchandised during the bands Japanese tour.  Available in limited quantities, through the  "Circle K Sunkus" convenient store chain. Via - SlashGear

Make Your Own Taco Shells

Introducing the "Taco Shell Toaster", the kitchen appliance that transformers soft tortillas into hard taco shells. It's available here for $30 USD. Personally, while I like the concept and prefer warm taco shells over cold brittle shells (to make taco's), I can't find any more available room in my kitchen for a one off appliance. Now if this was an attachment, that you could use with any toaster, well then that's a game changer for sure.  Via - GeekAlerts

Nostalgic Arcade Button Watch

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the click button emerges. A combination of two dying technologies banding together to fight extinction and oblivion.  The arcade button was at one time, the rugged and often abused industry staple, from a bygone era when arcades littered city streets.  The wristwatch, having evolved from the pocket watch, this time telling classics started out fully mechanical, however its more recent incarnations are completely digital. Available from Watchismo for $59.99

BMX Dirt Freestyle At Clipsal 500

The CLIPSAL 500 ADELAIDE, is Australia's  largest domestic motor sport event, but as this clip will show there's more than just motor sports going on...