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All 'Bout That Bass, 'Bout That Bass, No Treble

** Full disclosure: I've been looking for a way to use Meghan Trainors lyrics in a title for some time now. Done! Some students at the George Mason University have developed a bass generating canon with the goal being to smother out fires. This creation could prove to be a more viable solution for kitchen fires as its a cleaner solution to the more commonly found dry chemical extinguishers. Via - SlashGear

Cheating The Car Pool Lane

Driving alone in the car pool lane just got a little easier thanks to Gory Gary and Sick Suzy. The creative minds at FanWraps have come up with Zombie inspired widow graphics, which make your vehicle look like you're carrying some zombie passengers. Order Zombie Window Buddies Gory Gary Window Car Decal Order Zombie Window Buddies Sick Suzie Window Car Decal Via - NerdApproved

How Cool Is Formula 1...

This video is just a little glimpse. To celebrate the partnership between Hackett and Williams F1, we planted cameras on the ground, suited up the pit crew, and brought an added dash of unexpected style to the pitstop. Filmed at the Circuito De Jerez, Spain. Via - Formula 1 Fans On Google+ #seems legit

How's This For An Office View?

This is the view most F1 drivers will be seeing this weekend as the first race of the F1 2015 season  is set to start in Australia. 

The World Is Flat: BMX Flatland Vs Street Bike

Check out this BMX Flatland Vs. Street Bike video... Two-wheel specialists Lee Musselwhite and Lee Bowers style it out for the very first BMX Flatland vs Streetbike Freestyle combination edit the internet has ever seen.  Thanks to Kawasaki, Addict Clothing, Icon and Maxxis Tyres. Filmed and Edited by Chris Brown at In Motion Media - Facebook : Second camera op : Nick Wotton Lee Musslewhite : Lee Bowers : Music: by Nanobyte -

Leeside 2015

I start the beginning of every bike riding season with a trip, and tribute, to my local skate park Leeside. Seeing as I tweaked my back a few days ago, my inaugural 2015 ride will be on hold for just a bit longer, so instead I went for a walk around the "Hastings Park" area and "Leeside" skate park. For the past 3 years, as Vice President/President/Past President of the Hastings Community Association, I've been requesting that the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation find a solution to the ongoing garbage issue at Leeside. Perhaps if they had, the Leeside fire of 2014 might not of happened... "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Santayana Here are my Leeside 2015 pictures, and as you will see that 1 year later and the garbage problem has not been dealt with yet nor has the skate park been repaired.