Monday, May 18, 2015

BLEEN: Hublot: MP-02 'Key Of Time'

The MP-02, also know as the 'Key Of Time' was created by HUBLOT for the 2011 Basel Fair. While it's subtle green on black colour theme earns this timepiece top honours here on BL*EEN, what makes this watch even more unique is it's ability to manipulate time.
Well you can't actually manipulate time, but you can manipulate how this timepiece measures time. By adjusting the 3 position crown, you can select one of three modes.  While in position 1, the watch operates at a quarter of the speed, thus giving the appearance of slowing down time. In position 2, the watch operates in real time, providing timing as displayed on a standard timepiece. Position 3, accelerates time by four times it's standard speed, thus giving the appearance of time moving faster.
The MP-02 features a 10 day power reserve, case and bezel made from Titanium, and a rubber strap. Production of this timepiece has been limited to 100 units, with an undisclosed price tag (which generally means... if you have to ask the price, chances are you can't afford it).


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