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East Van: The Segregation of Hastings Park 2015

It's been a while since I posted some new original content, so... why not shake off the rust with style by not only adding new content but also a new category "East Van". Every spring I start my cycling season out with a ride through Leeside Skate Park and on to New Brighton Pool. (regular visitors to this site are already familiar with this ritual). This year however was different, as I took my first ride of the season eastward into Burnaby to the Burnaby Lake Sports Complex. While the Burnaby Sports Complex has a travel distance of 7 km from my home (almost double the distance of going to New Brighton) do to the lack of elevation changes its a far easier ride.  So why go eastward this year? Its hard to answer this question without sounding bitter or resentful, but I assure you that is not the case, the reason quite simply is change. Having spent 7 years on the Hastings Community Associations Board of Directors, I felt it my duty to ride through the various parks and nei

BLEEN: The CS450 DualSaw

With the exception of a new colour scheme, there really isn't much to say about the DualSaw , that hasn't already been stated by the late Billy Mays on his late night infomercials. Since this product barely qualifies as falling into the scope of what's covered here at BL*EEN, I'll dispense with the technical information and just bring on the pictures.  Oh by the way, you can watch the old infomercial at the end.

BLEEN: Stalk It 58Five Landspeed Longboard

For the environmentally conscious commuter, Stalk It has made the 58Five Land-speed Long-board using 100% Corn-board core and vertical laminated ash and poplar top and bottom sheets, it also features an aluminium speed stabilizer bar laminated into the core of the board for increased stability and rigidity. The ready-to-run board comes complete with Big Zigs 75mm wheels, 180mm Bear Grizzly 852's trucks, Swiss Fire bearings, Triple Eight Brainsaver helmet, Stalk It T-Shirt, Lube, Tool and stickers.  But this Long-board isn't just for the eco-friendly, because it's got some serious street cred, boasting an impressive 78.1mph towed speed Guiness World Record. (12-06-2010) Lane Segerstrom  The Stalk It, 58Five package will set you back $585(US) +S/H so if you're interested click here .


OCEANOGRAPHIC 4000 by Hublot. Limited to a production run of 500 pieces, this 48mm Titanium case with rubber straps is water resistant to a depth of 4000m (hence the name). Equipped with an inner bezel, that monitors dive time, is adjustable via a crown dial protected by a massive crown lock system.

BLEEN: TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000

  TAG Heuer is best known the world over for making some of the most accurate timepieces available to man. Since the early 1900's Tag Heuer has pioneered chronograph technology, resulting in numerous partnerships with automotive sports leaders such as Formula 1, Ferrari, Mclaren and a multitude of legendary drivers along the way. T he ' TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000' brings chronograph technology to the next evolutionary stage, by creating a timepiece capable of measuring 1/1000 of a second.  Since this is only a concept prototype, there is no set price, but that's fine, I'm more impressed with the cool colour scheme. If you're looking for spec's, then you'll find them at the end.