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COV Senior Management, Should Not Wear Pink

While the rest of the city, province and nation prepares to advocate for anti bullying, it would seem Vancouver city staff will proudly continue to wear pink, without knowing what it means. It wasn't that long ago, perhaps two years ago now, when  I, as the President of Hastings community centre, was bullied by Vancouver's Parks Board senior management demanding I sign over all assets owned by the non-profit, registered charity, made up of local community members. An community association that had spent the last 80 years working alongside the city of Vancouver to provide affordable programming and service to residents of the Hastings-Sunrise community. If we, the association,  refused to cooperate in handing over all our assets we would be evicted and then sued. Parks Board senior management, taking orders from the city manager, have wasted countless taxpayers dollars in their efforts to fleece various communities out of their well earned assets. Thankfully a judge quickly put

The World Is Flat: Ohio, USA (RIP Dave Mirra)

The BMX Flatland community lost one of it's legends this week. Here is a clips in memory of the great Dave Mirra, his expert run in 1988.